GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser | Wireless Smart Device Edition | 28 Compartment + Alarm



  • The dispenser will sound an alarm and the app will notify the user when it is time to take medication. The app can be installed on your iOS or Android Smart Device which allows schedules to be set, dosages to be tracked, making prescriptions easier to manage.
  • The dispenser have as many as six timed alarms set per day which covers most regimens. At time of dosage, an alarm will sound and the unit will light up, giving a visual notification to accompany the sound.
  • Pre-program the dispenser using the LeBox app, or manually on the device which makes remembering to take medication easier than ever. Additionally, there are six dosage rings that are included to visibly show what dose you’re on.
  • The tray is designed with various compartments to help with the most complicated regimens, or one dose a day pills, vitamins, minerals, fish oils, or other healthy living treatments.

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The GMS Automatic Pill Dispenser Wireless Smart Device Edition is superior to our previous pill dispenser, GMS MedeLert.  The GMS Automatic Smart Device Pill Dispenser improves compliance and alleviate the worries of missed or mixed doses. This electronic medication dispenser reduces stress and improves compliance while providing caregivers with peace of mind. You can manually set it up or use the free Lebox application. The LeBox App is a pill reminder and dosage tracking app. In short, this is a great medication manager for assisted living, care givers, and family care.


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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 9 × 9 in

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